Trivision Billboard Prismatec



The everlasting classic

For over 20 years the most famous Tecmas, product, Prismatec represents the everlasting product still popular and appreciated all over the world for his sturdiness and reliability. Today as 20 years ago Prismatec has the same component parts, all strictly MADE IN ITALY.  The mechanism that creates movement and exclusively characterizes it, envied from competitors, is an intermittent working made by 2 single and extraordinary simple components: jog command system and double crown prism support bearings in stainless steel. Both have been made using the most advanced technologies available in self-lubricating materials and do not require any maintenance.

Prismatec distinguishes itself from others trivisions billboards and offers big advantages:

  • Exclusive jog command and prism support system
  • Load-bearing outer frame in anodized aluminium
  • Stainless steel transmission shaft and components
  • Double safety system: electronic and mechanical with adjustable safety clutch
  • Great sturdiness of all components
  • Durability
  • Total maintenance free operations
  • Practically no running costs

For these reasons Prismatec represents “the state of the art” and is “THE SYSTEM” most appreciated and valued by customers and end users alike!

Prismatec is not supplied as a “modular Kit”

Everybody knows how complex is “do-it-yourself”, and how difficult is, to find what’s wrong when malfunction is due to components not properly assembled.

For all these reasons the trivision billboard Prismatec signs are delivered to customer with all components steadily assembled and tested by our highly specialized staff directly in Tecmas, in Italy, in certified quality conditions

Prismatec is “THE SYSTEM” of rotating prisms that excells


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