Your Out-of-Home advertising media supplier: Trivision and Scroller

Tecmas is a italian designer, manufacturer and seller company of Out-of-Home advertising media like Trivision, Scrolling sign and street furniture.

Trivision and Scroller Indoor

Prismatec Star

Trivision and Scroller Outdoor

Rolltec Light 09 3x2 m


Rolltec Sport

Road Sign

Prismatec uso stradale



Street Furniture

Revo 360°


Tecmas's numbers:

  • 2.400 sqm of modern facility
  •    350 sqm used for office and showroom
  •       52 countries of the world have bought from Tecmas


  • N. 150 Trivision outdoor sign: Prismatec (from 3x2H m to 14x48 ft )
  • N. 120 Scrolling for sport: Rolltec Sport ( equivalent to N. 2 stadiums and N. 2 sport arenas)
  • N. 100 Trivision indoor sign: Prismatec Star (from 40x70H cm to 120x180H cm)
  • N.   60 Backlit Scrolling sign: Rolltec Light 09
  • N.   50 Scrolling for street furniture: Rolltec Light 08


Trivision and scrolling sign

Tecmas is on outdoor advertising panel market since 1979 and we supply trivision signs, scrolling signs, street furniture and other dynamic billboards all over the world.
All our products are MADE IN ITALY with italian suppliers.


The new Tecmas's site is online

Welcome to the new web site of Tecmas.

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Tecmas Staff

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